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We are a team of highly experienced wine lovers, driven by our passion for the drink and dedicated to changing the norms of wine tasting. We recognise the power wine has to engage, excite and delight us, and our mission is to use its magic to get you closer to your guests. Each of our events is expertly curated to deliver the outcome you seek - supporting you all the way from the first planning session, through to the follow-up gift that keeps the event fresh in the minds of your guests. All of this is delivered in the most fun and engaging way we know how, ensuring that your wine event leaves you and your guests with an unmatched and singularly memorable experience. 

Our Journey 

Established in August 2020, we at Tom Gilbey continue to grow and develop our wine events to give you the most memorable experiences possible. 

Our Founder 

Tom Gilbey, has spent over 30 years in the wine trade. From his start in winemaking to running a flagship city wine merchant, he soon founded and built his own business, the Vintner, which he later sold in 2020. Tom’s unwavering passion for wine is part of our DNA and shines through in every event we do. 
The Gilbey Legacy 
The Gilbey legacy goes back to 1856, when Tom’s Great-Great-Grandfather, Alfred Gilbey, returned from the Crimean War, needing to make a living. He set up a retail wine company with his brother Walter, the two starting their business with a six-foot trestle table on Oxford street. 
The remit was good, inexpensive wines that they shipped from South Africa, and within two years they had attained over 20,000 customers. The brothers pivoted to French wines when the government reduced duty in 1861, and at one point Gilbey’s was selling one in every three bottles of wine consumed in the UK. By 1875, they became the first English family to buy a Chateau in Bordeaux: Chateau Loudenne in the Northern Medoc. From here, they imported wine barrels into what is now the Camden Roundhouse, so it could be bottled and distributed from there. 
Image - Chateau Loudenne 
Gilbey’s gin, first distilled in 1872, soon followed 
Inexpensive and easy to produce, it led to a booming spirits business for Gilbey’s, encompassing a number of distilleries in Scotland and many household names today. 
The family’s wine legacy continued with Tom’s father and uncle, who founded The Eton Wine Bar in 1973, followed a few years later with Gilbey’s in Old Amersham. The family still run the restaurants today, importing from winemaking friends they have worked with all their lives. 
Our Team 

Tom Gilbey 

My most underrated grape variety is Riesling - the most overlooked and undervalued and, alongside Chardonnay, the most brilliant white grape variety capable of producing show-stopping wines. 

Lucy Roberts 


Will Bennett 

I Think Semillon based dessert wines don't get nearly enough love. Often people think they're outdated but with a bit of cheese or just to see off the end of a meal there's nothing I prefer to a little glass of the stuff, it's too delicious for words. 

Fred Gilbey 

Although far from an underrated grape I want to give a shout out to Pinot Noir from Eastern Europe. Romania, Hungary and our very own Soli Terra from Bulgaria are all cranking out world leading Pinot Noir under the radar. 

Charlie Thornton 

As a South African I have to give a shout out to Chenin Blanc which we grow beautifully near my home in Cape Town! 

The 1% Pledge 

As a company we are proud to announce we will donate 1% of our profits and time to Rewilding Britain, a charity that protects the biodiversity of Britain 
Biodiversity, climate resilience and carbon capture 
We believe that biodiversity, climate resilience and carbon capture are priceless resources that the natural world can have in abundance if we take care of it correctly. These resources are vital, not just for the vines and grapes we make a living off, but the world we live in generally. Our team are all deeply concerned about the impacts of Climate Change and are keen to do our bit to help out, donating 1% of company profits annually to Rewild Britain. 
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