Top tips on how to run an a back to office tasting party... 
This is what we are all about ... creating fun experiences with wine, and we’re going to steer our blog that way. It’s of course about delicious wine but it’s far more about the fun we have with it and sharing a few tips along the way can make the bottles work harder for you. 
I thought it would be best to detail our most recent escapade and our most fun event to date. In fact, it was more than a little hair raising but fun all the same and what became very clear is that, when folk are invited for a glass of wine these days, they turn up for more than one. 
This evening was organised by a good friend who wanted to say a thank you to his team and persuade them that the office wasn’t such a bad place to come back to. The solution? … a wine event of course and here below are a few tips that could serve as a 'how to' guide if you fancied doing something similar. 

7 Top tips for the perfect back to office party: 

1. They invited plus 1’s. 
Sure we’ve all got different opinions on bringing a plus 1 and many of our plus 1’s have got very different opinions about coming to a plus 1 event but, surprisingly, this worked a treat. The host expressed how glad they were to not only connect with their staff, but their loved ones also. 
2. The band. 
It’s amazing what a bit of music shimmying in the corner can do. Just a sax, a guitar and drums, nothing too loud, just funky and fun to set the tone on arrival. They disappeared when the tasting part kicked off so we only needed them for an hour max. 
3. The turnout. 
We got pretty much a full house – 80 plus and the key here is in the invitations. They got them out nice and early (pre Christmas) and sent some fun reminders as the date neared. They also picked a Thursday night which seems to suit best. It’s downhill to the weekend on Thursday so people tend to be happy to come out to play. 
4. The room. 
Their reception area is pretty impressive and we made it look showstopping … it’s amazing what hiring the right equipment can do and, with a bit of imagination you can work wonders with the most ordinary of spaces. 
5. The video man. 
Dan, our trusted videographer quietly went about his business capturing the entire evening on tape. Although some believe this can hinder the vibe of the evening, we believe it's great for teams to have a reminder of the evening they had. These short videos act as funny memories in the office for years to come. 
6. The format. 
We had a bit of wine chat, a few tips and plenty of blind tasting quiz games, all done in teams to ignite the competitive spirit of the room. We call this our 'Gilbey Connection' and it does just that – glues the room together with delicious wine. 
7. Food. 
If you’re going to give people the amount of wine we did/do you need to fill ‘em up. We suggest 6 substantial canapés before the tasting then either a hot buffet served seated or two smart looking bowl foods served standing. As the evening goes on, people, quite rightly, feel the urge to sit down. We used to run our events standing and quite frankly its tough. Everyone has long days and all they want is constant canapés being brought to their lap as they try the best wines in town... who wouldn't?? 
All in all though, this was a super fun event. We love hosting these evenings because our job is to simply make people happy. When they leave with a smile on their face, then everyone is winning. If you are on the fence about hosting an evening for your team, I would strongly advise a wine tasting event to kick start that energy back into the office! 
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